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Grace Baptist Church of Sonoma
Grace Baptist Church of SonomaSep 21, 2017 @ 6:30am
It's been a while since I've posted here, but God directs the proverbial pen and today He has made the way clear!!

I've been keeping up on the weather........that's been a fly in my ointment too!! A couple of weeks ago we had that heat spell.........oy!!! My breathing was shot for a while!!

Yet, I know that in the light of the hurricanes and those massive earthquakes in Mexico, my breathing problems seem so minute!!

People being misplaced from their homes.......some finding they have no home left to go least we have a home......even if there's no air conditioning. We are fortunate to live in an area with a built in sea fog air conditioner. Only for a few days a year we suffer from the heat......we are so blessed!!

But, the weather.......oy!!! Awesome is God's staying grace!!! His mercy speaks High into the Heavens and the glory of His personage shines in moments like the aftermath of a huge storm or earthquake!!!

To our thinking, we have a tendency to point a finger without thinking sometimes. When a storm hits.......why??? Certainly God could have stoped it!! But, why the storms to begin with.......they're due to the natural process of how accursed world functions laden down with the ugliness and scars of sin.

God intended everything to be perfect......indeed!!! We were thrust into a world that God looked at and said that it was good!! He was pleased with what He saw!!

Even that which He thrust into the Garden was perfect in all ways.........until we screwed it all up. Hey, you remember a universal flood......our fault, we screwed up so badly that God was angered.......His perfect world was infested with the darkness and ugliness of sin.........and we led the way!!

But God is full of mercy.......changing courses of major storms........lessening the pressure to keep the quakes from being bigger, and certainly in every way......He offers His hand of mercy.......He gives to an ungrateful race His undying love!! To which there is a tendency for man to pat each other on the back and simply acknowledge the swiftness of help offered from FEMA.......and where is God?? Still working, still waiting.......still loving a world who truly cannot see the splendor of a Master Creator that in His time.......the last wind will blow and the last rock will crumble!

Thanks indeed child be offered and gratitude given to a God Who is simply.........God!!
Grace Baptist Church of Sonoma
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Grace Baptist Church of Sonoma
Grace Baptist Church of SonomaJul 7, 2017 @ 11:58am
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Grace Baptist Church of Sonoma
Grace Baptist Church of SonomaJun 24, 2017 @ 7:37pm
Tomorrow brings us into a new week. It is supposed to be a whole lot cooler!!! In our church that's a good thing. It can be like a Swedish much for deodorants, eh!!!

Just think, tomorrow you could be.......chilling with the might say, he's a really cool dude, eh!!!

Last week would have been a good one for the preacher to have preached on Hell!! Sweltering in a house that gets overheated, it makes One appreciate the change in temperature.

It seems we are never quite satisfied........we never can find that perfect climate at all. In fact, it's another thing to mumble and mutter about!!

When it's cold......we want it hot, when it's dry.......bring on the rain!! Ha! The same goes the other way around........when it's hot......make it cold!! If we get rain........we can't wait for it to it to dry up!!!

So it is it seems with other things. We inadvertently seem to never be happy with what we have. We seem to never have enough and what we do have........if we could only have what someone else had!!! The idea of thankfulness has never sunk in and the attitude we live with is a dissatisfied one.

The house we have, the car we drive, the job we work.......maybe even the clothes we wear and, here's the kicker........maybe the one we are even married to!!

Divorce hits as dissatisfaction breeds and runs amok!!! Distrust and dishonor seeks to only build the fires of malcontent and rancor even higher!!!

But to every degree of dissatisfaction, we basically accuse our God of making a mistake........He just doesn't understand!!!

Yet, two thousand years ago He came to pay us a visit so to find what He already knew......He knew us!! You se, He knows what is right and what is good for us........He sees all, He hears all and He does the best for us!!! After all, He paid sins price......

Yet. So often we come running to Him and kicking our heels in disgruntlement as He's too strict!!! Oh what fickle creatures we are. We want His interjection in our lives........but then complain when we are made to toe the stay away from avoid pitfalls and traps!!!!

Yet, just griping in Heaven........just the praise and thankfulness from a people so long in coming!!! Now wouldn't it be a kick, if that's indeed what we did here!!! How much more pleasant a nice thank you would sound. After all gratitude brings more and more blessings from God as we have shown Him that we indeed can appreciate those Gifts, those perfect gifts which comes from His blessed hands!!
Grace Baptist Church of Sonoma
Grace Baptist Church of SonomaJun 10, 2017 @ 1:19am
Paid in full!!! I just love the sound of that! There's another sound that comes with that........listen carefully, you'll hear it.........aaaahhhhh!! It's the sweet sound of freedom!!! This last week, we finally finished paying for our Trailblazer!!! Yea!

Yes sir!!! We finally reached the top of the more car payments........for right now!!! Of course, you think we can enjoy it so far as we only owed $67 on the third. Ha!!! Again I say, Ha!! A double Ha! No sir, everyone else sniffed it out.......they had their hands in line, just waiting for the kkkkkaaching sound, and there it went. Not even time to go in one hand and out the other, it just bypassed the hands.....period!!

So much for the Good Times"!! If all I thought of was the dollar bill with eagle's it fantasy in would be depressing. Just think, to sit here and list the bills and what the company store pays you......well, no wonder there's ulcers and gray hair!!

But hey, I have more to think of than the empty vanity that this world offers up. So, the coffers of this life fall very short in the fulfillment of eternity' s demands!, nothing this world could ever give could appease the hallow spot in my life.......that empty void, and no matter what I feed's never enough!!!

However, life isn't found in a pocketbook. The bill of life is far more than the largest diamond man could ever find. The worth of a man's soul could never be lumped into monthly payments.

As I thought about this......about the hardest most expensive bill man ever had.........sure joy could only be expressed as the Paid in Full stamp was pressed upon my heart.

So as I thought, my blues seemed to fade and turn to real joy as I remembered to praise God for all I had in Him. To think, He paid a debt to the law that only my eternal soul was slated for payment. How sad, how miserable.......,.to miss Heaven's fare by a matter of 18 inches!!!

Hallelujah! I'm Glorybound!!! My Bill is full!! Heaven's fare was paid by the blood of the Crucified One!! Now that's news indeed!!! News like that breaks up any old pity party!! It turns a night of despair into a day of rejoicing!!!

"Glory, I'm saved!!! Glory I'm sins are all pardoned, my guilt is all gone!!! Glory, I'm saved!!! Glory. I'm saved!! I'm saved by the blood of the Crucified One!!"