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Grace Baptist Church of Sonoma
Grace Baptist Church of SonomaMar 22, 2017 @ 6:35am
So, I've already written one blog for this morning on this page, only to set
My phone down for a second........picked it back up, only to find that it had vanished. After scouring the page for our church and finding it not........I write for the second time. If you find number one, feel free.......take it around the block, kick the tires........but the bumper never got on the car. It lacked about two sentences from being done......::sigh!!!

Yet, it goes in keeping with the blog of the day........about the perilous days we are living in. It is ever so true.......America was supposed to get a respite......the next "Great Awakening" at the polls this last time. True, we conservatists won......yet, conservatism without God is a car without a driver. Now, our President may be the real deal, but as a whole Washington is open for the same kind of mindless will that leads us to the brink of oblivion. They are open for if and as is!!! Oy!!

So, problems in Washington, an economy in the tank, a missing blog........all a part of the "big" picture. With all the humanity being sloshed around and oozing out the top of a boiling pot.......we fight the greatest battle of terrirism ever.

Our battle is not faced with human sides and idealilogy........even though one is waged in the physical realm......our battle is the greatest of all ages. It has been being waged since e'er the first fruit had a bite taken. From a Garden of wilting fig leaves to the foot of an old rugged cross.......the battle over a man's soul has continued, and soon.......very soon, we will gain the greatest victory that our grand and glorious Leader died to secure.

However, just as He came out of an empty tomb.......death has been silenced and the law was satisfied as our Lord Jesus went up........He will soon be coming back!!!

Just think........victorious, now doesn't that sound grand!!! God has secured the final nail that will place the lid on Satan's place in Hell. This should be great and glorious news.......the sound of victory is triumphed through every book and every cranny of Heaven and on Earth!!!! Hallelujah!!! 'Tis the song of a soul set free!!

One figures that Christians everywhere would take heart and rejoice!! As the message springs eternal and is etched into the hearts of many.........there is an unfortunate group of soldiers who have fallen away and has been carried off as prisoners of war.

Needlessly carried away as the cords which bound us and enchained has been severed and have been freed. How sad to have been so close to the enemy's camp in the first place. To wander away as Demas was will only lead to compromise and desertion from duty. Empty churches, untilled nissionary fields, cities ladened with anger and racism.......all signs of neglect of the one's who name the Name of Christ. So many that once stood in the gap, maybe anchored at a watch on the wall found themselves drifting from the Guardian of their soul. While being anchored to the Rock which is higher than all, a God Who is larger than life........many have found themselves entangled in the snares and nets of the Devil.

Belonging to a party, whether progressive or conservative........without God, you live out the devil's great lie. As a Christian, we should see that and base our living in the hope and security of a brighter day as we walk through these perilous times, led by the hand of the One Who lives us best.

So, as we face today.......let us face it with all the grace and mercy we can muster from the storehouse of God's abundant goodness!! We stand triumphant, we stand with God.......and we take heed lest we fall!!!
Grace Baptist Church of Sonoma
Grace Baptist Church of SonomaFeb 23, 2017 @ 4:43pm
Isn't it amazing how many seats are frequently left open in many churches. Now that's a pointed pronouncement to make........especially since there are many that keep their paths clear and open to the God they preach.

How many turn their hearts and walk away from the Throne of God.........when one stops and considers this, they must surely take into account that He is God that we get together and worship. The second thing is this..........Who is God??

God......Who rules both Heaven and Earth....He made the rivers to run and the seas to ebb and flow. Lightning and thunder speak for Him and all eternity is in the scope of His end, just morning after morning......with each comes a mercy...,,,grace fragrants the air and forgiveness sweetens the realm from which it comes!!!

Multitude after multitude He has called out and made them His own!! Yep!! All power, all time........all wisdom.........every place He has been...... the lowest Hell to the highest Heaven.........He is there!!!

Now........the biggest question.......just Who is God to you??? If we are convinced in our heart........from the last heart string in the bottom of our believing and realizing the greatness and vast wisdom of an awe inspiring God!! Now, if you were convinced and have rested your soul in the bosom of His your seat found empty with not a desire and design to be in His entourage.......just where were you??? Sunday's coming, are you!!!
Grace Baptist Church of Sonoma
Grace Baptist Church of SonomaFeb 18, 2017 @ 9:40am
So, this was February........or is.......or might be.........maybe we'll have to relive Valentine's Day all over again thanks to Phil the Groundhog!!! Yep!!! The cute little days to make the heart sing and days seem just a little bit diffferent. It keeps One from suffering from ennui. How's that for a means "boredom!"

Yep! Those different rituals of man and then you count in all of those days that seem to have purpose and take a life of their own, such as Christmas and Easter. Amazing just how many people live for those kind of days........the store clerk looks for a big day of buying........the romantic at heart longs for those days to bring much merriment of the soul. Nevertheless........there are those who live from holiday to holiday!!! Some!!!

It's sad when a sale or a twitter or two of the heart has overwhelmed ones future. To have only purpose found in a stocking brings life to a shallow end of the pool.

True life, life with meaning is found in the reason........the "real" reason for Christmas and speaks of life and the other death. From Bethlehem to Golgotha.......the Name of Christ is emblazoned in red and surrounded by gold.......the King of all ages is in court!! He alone gives that heart meaning and the soul worth.

The King only brings real life and purpose to a man's life. Our future is worth more than dollar symbols and ampersands..........hey, wanna wa with a never get ennui when you find out just what life is really all about!!!
Grace Baptist Church of Sonoma
Grace Baptist Church of SonomaFeb 16, 2017 @ 7:56am
Here's a great opportunity to hear some great Bible preaching and Christ-honoring music:
Grace Baptist Church of Sonoma
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